Hourly Price Forwarded Curve (HPFC) Flock

Today’s evalutions of power postions in context of risk management should be based on more than
one HPFC. To estimate risks of uncertain market dynamics efficently, it’s advisable to use a stochastic method, such as the HPFC Flock.

By using a fundamental approach, the ProCom method generates hourly price patterns. Based on simulations of wind supply, solar supply and the power load, price courses are generated and displayed free of any arbitrages.

Type of Delivery: FTP / E-Mail

Time of Delivery: Daily at 10 p.m.


  • 101 HPFCs, on either single or on average free of arbitrages
  • Based on 101 price course simulations, fundamental input values
  • Display of the realistic and practical future market situation, including renewable energies and negative prices
  • Durability and stability of the specific market expecations are estimated with a high quality
  • The flock of HPFC curves is available either single or on average free of arbitrages
  • Future expansions of volatile supply is part of the generation of HPFC flocks


Power Traders


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